10 Genius Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget

10 Genius Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget

There are so many great tips on how to save money while eating great, healthy meals that we had to choose the best ten ideas to share with you. There are budget saving methods of not grocery shopping while you are hungry, and planning and prepping your meals ahead of time so you shop for only the budget that you can afford. 

You can save a lot of money using coupons and by knowing exactly when to shop for meats. Also, buying in bulk and building up a pantry of supplies when food is on sale will help you to maximize your grocery expenses while keeping you on a healthy diet. Take a look at 10 Genius Ways To Eat Healthy On A Budget.

Buy Fresh Produce When It's In Season & Freeze It

Find fresh fruit and vegetables when they are in season and on sale; then prep and freeze them to use later. Also, a full freezer saves on electricity costs because the frozen foods keep the temperatures low in the freezer space. Escoffier Online shares this.

Buy Staple Foods In Bulk & Store Them

Have your pantry stocked with staple food items and buy them when they are on sale. Even if your current budget is small you can build a supply by getting a few items a week when the price is right. Starry Hilder shows us how.

Buy Meat When It Is Most Affordable

Here are a number of tips from Super Saver TV on how to buy meat when it is at its best possible price and save up to 80% on the cost.

Plan & Prep Meals Ahead Of Time

Make your meal preps faster by planning your meals ahead of time, shopping for the best prices, then prepping them just once on the same day. Just pop the prepared meals in the freezer and they are ready to use in a hurry. 5 dinners 1 hour on YouTube gives us the details.

Shop At Ethnic Markets For Low Price Finds

Jenna of The Vegan Artist shares her experience of shopping at an ethnic market for really great food prices. 

Get In The Coupon Game by Downloading Rebate Apps

You can make couponing easier by simply downloading apps to your phone and getting money saving discounts at the cash register. In this video The Krazy Coupon Lady walks us though the steps.

Learn To Read Pricing Labels To Minimize Costs

Consumer Reports gives us great tips on how to compare prices on the labels for the food you buy. It is not always consistent but it can really help you to save money if you know where to look.

Use Your Phone Calculator While Shopping

It can really save you money and help you to control your budget if you use your phone calculator to keep track of how much you spend while shopping. Expense Manager shares the why.

Don't Grocery Shop When You Are Hungry

Being hungry even a little bit when you go to the grocery store can make you spend more in high calorie items. Go food shopping when you are fueled up says GeoBeats News, and, you will save money!

Replace High Fat Meats With Healthy Proteins

We might not all want to have great abs like Mike, but he does show us how to save money by buying inexpensive yet healthy proteins to replace the high fat and more costly protein of meat. 

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