Police Reports Say Aaron Hernandez Left A Suicide Note To His Gay Lover

Aaron Hernandez court appearance
Getty Images

Aaron Hernandez has been making headlines all week...but obviously, not for scoring touchdowns.

As it was previously reported, Hernandez was found dead in his prison cell with the Bible verse John 3:16 written across his forehead. Police reported that he left three suicide notes behind. And now, we get to find out who the notes were for.

One was for his fiancé. One was for his daughter. Aaaand the last one was for his gay prison lover, according to the Daily Mail.

While it's certainly not uncommon for prisoners to engage in same-sex relationships, this whole situation is raising a lot of eyebrows and has the public asking a lot of questions. Where's the source? What did the note say? How serious was this relationship?

As it turns out, this relationship wasn't Hernandez's first time with a man. According to Newsweek, the former football player lived his life as a closeted bisexual and they're now claiming his hidden sexuality might've been his motive for murdering Odin Lloyd. 

It's unclear who knew about Hernandez's bisexuality, but based on the information we already know, it seems like his fiancé was well aware. Several law enforcement officials directly involved in the case say Lloyd, who was dating Hernandez's fiancé's sister at the time, knew that he was bisexual. And Hernandez did not want that information getting out...so he killed him.  


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