Hypebeasts: Get Pumped For Supreme's Fall/Winter Collab Collection With Timberland!!

Hypebeasts: Get Pumped For Supreme's Fall/Winter Collab Collection With Timberland!!

Hypebeasts, get your flight to New York City booked and pack your carry on because Supreme just dropped a preview of their Fall and Winter collection. Known for their authentic skate and streetwear aesthetic, Supreme continues their legacy with this latest drop. After highly sought after releases from their Spring/Summer collection and a few capsule releases with skateboard brand, Antihero, Supreme delivers another lot of new classics mixed in with a return to some of their original flavor. Every drop features a few pieces that end up becoming timeless classics, sometimes reselling for two and three times their retail value, and with this drop featuring collaborations with Champion, Timberland and Schott, it's sure to do the same. 

Here’s what you should buy from Supreme’s F/W 2016 collection:

Timberland 3-Eye Classic Lug Shoe

Supreme's takes on Timberland's products, made for the rough terrain, has given us fashionable iterations of favorites like the 6" Boot, Superboot and Field Boot. This season, they expand their view, offering a shoe that looks as rugged as it does righteous. The 3-Eye Lug Shoe is somewhere between a Sperry Topsider, Timberland's 6" Boot and your uncle's gator leather slippers. Wear them on those nights out when the weather looks alright but there's a 30% chance of snow.

Schott Shearling Bomber

Supreme’s collaboration with leather jacket maven brand Schott NYC has produced timeless bikers, bombers and flight jackets. Their latest connection snatches the menswear trend of exotic leather and puffy fabric with a swagger only Supreme could inject. Their Shearling bomber features a green more suitable for Spring than Fall but is sure to turn heads. If you’re not into colors, don’t worry, there’s a triple black option as well.

Champion Stadium Parka

Champion used to outfit major professional sports teams for clubs in the National Football League and National Basketball Association, but after losing these major deals to more innovative sports outfitters like Nike and Adidas, Champion became known as the dad brand for basic sweatpants and sweatshirts.

As of recent, Champion’s had a revitalization with a major push into the streetwear category, a feat many credit to Supreme for their numerous collaborations. This winter, they double down on their relationship with the Stadium Parka. With puffy lining and water resistance, this could be the fashion and function sync you need to break through the cold wet season.

Cargo Pant

Cargo Pant

Supreme has mastered the balance between simplicity and extravagance, and nowhere is that more evident than their execution of simple garments like this Cargo Pant. The familiar pattern is presented in not so familiar colors that work. Pair these with your favorite winter boots and solid overcoat for a little sartorial villainy.

There’s no official release date for this collection, but you can sign up for their newsletter at their website for alerts and updates.

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