Jason Brown Walks Away From $25 Million NFL Contract to Become A Farmer & Feed His Community

Jason Brown Walks Away From $25 Million NFL Contract to Become A Farmer & Feed His Community
CBS Evening News

These days we talk quite a bit about a work-life balance. We probably talk about it because it's not really balanced at all. As of 2015 U.S. studies show that the average employee working "full-time" works 47 hours a week. That's a six day work week, plus you only get two weeks vacation (if you're lucky). That's quite beyond most other developed countries.

Americans also just aren't doing what they love, often sacrificing passion for money. In response to this we're seeing people everywhere trying to level the scales. These people come in all shapes and sizes, and in the case of former NFL baller Jason Brown, this size is XL.

Back in the early Twenty 10's Brown was one of the top centers in the NFL. Playing for the St. Louis Rams, at one point he signed a 5 year, $37 million dollar contract. But at one pivotal point in 2012 he decided it wasn't worth it anymore and decided to follow another passion...Farming.

Jason's farm in North Carolina

Teaching himself on YouTube and through the advice of his farmer community, Brown has 1000 acres of land. He's doing pretty well this fall, yielding tons of sweet potatoes and cucumbers. But the really amazing thing is what he plans to do with his food.

He calls his farm "First Fruits Farm". The idea behind it is to donate the first fruits of every harvest to food pantries in the local area. This year he donated 100,000 pounds of sweet potatoes. 

Does he like it more than football? Absolutely, saying that "when you see them [potatoes] pop up out of the ground, it's the most beautiful thing you could ever see."

When he thinks about success, he talks about in not in terms of money, but in what he can do for others: "not in man's standards, but in God's eyes... When I think about a life of greatness, I think about a life of service."

Thanks Jason for setting such a fine example. Thank you for inspiring us all to find passion in whatever we do, whether it's wrecking people on the football field or reaping what you sow in the potato field.

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