She's Not That Into You: 5 Ways For Guys To Tell

She's Not That Into You: 5 Ways For Guys To Tell

To all the gentlemen out there: if you sense the date isn't going well, it probably isn't. We aren't as suave as we'd like to think. Sure, we're great post-shower flexing in the mirror giving ourselves a pep-talk worthy of Remember the Titans. But no matter how awesome we think we are, there are times when the girl you're on a date with just won't be into you. A true man grows a pair and takes the hint. Don't let your ego get the best of you. Keep an eye for out any of these sure tell signs she's not into all!

1. She tells you.

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This one seems obvious, but so many guys seem to mishear a woman when she suggests she's not into them. Listen to your date, to her words and body language. Never assume something either way, and if you're confused, just ask. If she says she's not into it, move along! Nobody likes a desperate dude. 

2. She takes hours to respond to your texts.

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You can try telling yourself that she just hasn't seen your message, but 9 times out of 10, she's trying to nicely let you know her priorities like elsewhere. In today's digital world, the likelihood of her actually not seeing your text for hours is slim to none. Maybe she's into some other guy. Maybe she's not interested in a relationship right now. Whatever the case, she's not into you dude.

3. She talks about her ex on the first date.

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If she does mention her ex and still seems into you, it's only because she needs a rebound. There's nothing wrong with discussing your past, but on the first date? Her mind is clearly still pining after or pissed off at whoever she was last dating. You don't want to get mixed up with that situation. Give her time and space and let some other guy play the rebound. 

4. She eats onions at dinner and doesn't put gum in her mouth after.

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We're not saying a woman can't have onions, but if she doesn't try to freshen her breath after, kissing you is the LAST thing on her mind. She's willing to suffer the aftertaste of onion; that's how much she's not feeling a kiss. Take a hint or take a whiff; it's not going your way tonight. 

5. When asked to Netflix and Chill, she suggests Schindler's List.

If you think Schindler's List is a good Netflix and Chill flick, you've either never heard of the film or are seriously disturbed. If that is indeed her suggestion, her message translates as: I wouldn't hook up with you if we were the last two people alive. Don't worry man. There are other fish in the sea.

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