This Photo Of Shaq Standing Next To Simone Biles Is Too Good To Ignore

This Photo Of Shaq Standing Next To Simone Biles Is Too Good To Ignore

Athletes come in all different shapes and sizes. From extremely large and tall men in the NBA to the very petite gymnasts that appear in the Olympics, there is no doubt that size doesn't matter when it comes to athletic abilities. We have seen impressive flips and spins come out of tiny bodies as they fly through the air, and have seen incredible shots and dunks made by impressively tall men on the court. When you bring together these two impressively talented kinds of athletes that are vastly different in size, but extremely similar in talent, you get one epic photo.

We all remember Lakers great, Shaquille O'Neal when he was one of the faces of Los Angeles bringing home three championship rings in a row. Ending his career in 2011 while on the Celtics, Shaquille is now a retired NBA player that gets recognized just about anywhere. After all, with a stature of 7'1", he really can't be missed.

And then there's Simone Biles, a more recent star athlete that stunned the world at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. An impeccable gymnast at just 4'9", Simone took home four gold medals and one bronze medal competing as a member of the famous "Final Five". 

 And what happens when these two athletes join together on super Bowl weekend? You get one epic photo! 

Simone Biles posted this picture on her Instagram of her and former NBA star, Shaquille O'Neal before the big game at Houston's NRG Stadium. Their height difference is just hilarious! The picture almost looks like it was photoshopped, but we guarantee that this is the real thing and your sight is correct. They are both recognizably groundbreaking athletes, just a bit different in size. 

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