7 Good High Fat Foods To Boost Your Fitness

7 Good High Fat Foods To Boost Your Fitness

If you're avoiding eating all fats because you're worried about becoming fat yourself, you're missing out on some major health benefits.

Your skin, your hair, your brain and your muscles all thrive on healthy fats. Good luck absorbing Vitamins A, E, D and K (yes, there is a Vitamin K) without some fatty acids in your bloodstream. More importantly, good fats can help your body control cholesterol, reduce your risk of diabetes, and even lose weight. Seriously.

So which fats are the good ones?

Your instincts are correct. Processed food in plastic bags is generally a source of the wrong kind of fats. Trans fats, for example, are hard for your body to put to use, leaving them to build up as junk in your system. Saturated fats from dairy can be better, but are still not without some drawbacks.

The best types of fats are the monounsaturated, found in certain fruits, nuts, oils and poultry. The other good ones are the polyunsaturated fats in some fatty fish and vegetable oils.

In no particular order, here are seven of the best fatty foods you can eat. The sooner you work them into your diet, the healthier you'll be.


Avocados are straight-up great for you. They help adjust your cholesterol levels in the right direction, and, for a fruit, they're unusually high in fats and proteins while low in carbs.

Avocados share a fatty acid called oleic acid with olive oil, which has multiple health benefits, including fighting inflammation. 

They also pack even more potassium than bananas, and deliver immunity boosting vitamin E, which can help keep you looking and feeling young.

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