Contrary To Popular Belief, Married Folks Are Probably Having More Sex Than Everybody

Contrary To Popular Belief, Married Folks Are Probably Having More Sex Than Everybody
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How many times have you heard men complain that once they get married, their sex lives go on a permanent vacation? You'd swear that marriage pretty much places a moratorium on all things intimate once you say "I do." Granted, there are a lot of factors that determine our levels of sexual activity. When you're married, there's work, the kids, the kids' activities, chores, family gatherings, errands, and more to deal with on the daily. That doesn't mean that married folks are too busy to get it in. 

According to a report called "Money, Sex, and Happiness: An Empirical Study," there are many myths about who is having sex, who isn't, and why. And guess what? Married people are having more sex than single, divorced, widowed, and separated folks. Check out more of their findings!

This one should be a given, but the study says that human beings are interested in sex. The myth is that women don't care for it so much--not so. The report references a 2003 study which revealed that 1,000 employed women rated sex as the activity that produces the single largest amount of happiness. So, if the amount of sex you are having wanes, there are likely other causes for that like time limitations, fatigue, over scheduling, etc. You get the idea. We might not be doing it, but that doesn't mean we're not interested.

So how often are people REALLY having sex? The median American adult is having sex two or three times per month with a partner (masturbation wasn't considered for this study). For those under 40, the median individual has sex once per week. Only 10% of Americans in this age group have sex at least four times per week. Another 10% are celibate. For red-blooded Americans of all ages, 6% of the population are hooking up four or more times per week while 22% are having no sex with anybody.

For people older than 40 years old, 13% of women are reporting sex once a month while 20% of their male counterparts are claiming sex two or three times a month. A whopping one-third of the over-40 group are celibate. Sadly, but not surprisingly, celibate folks are "noticeably less happy than average." (It is important to note here that researchers believe that men have a tendency to exaggerate their level of sexual activity at every age. Just sayin'.)

Here are some other noteworthy findings. Having more money doesn't equate to having more sex. Being more or less educated doesn't determine if you are having more sex either. However, highly-educated women tend to have fewer sexual partners and highly-educated people get greater satisfaction from sex on the whole. And lastly, the happiest people are monogamous.

So there you have it! Reviewing what we have learned: 1) there iS sex after marriage--more than you think, 2) you don't have to be a baller to have sex--it's not about money, 3) if you are smarter, sex will make you happier and more satisfied, and 4) happy folks keep the number of partners to a minimum. Sounds like a recipe for a great sex life. What say you?

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