Marshawn Lynch Reportedly Tells Raiders Retirement Is Over, He's Coming Back To NFL

Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch

After an injury-riddled 2015 season, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch announced his retirement following a nine-year career in the NFL without using a single tweet. But word on the street is that the All-Pro Super Bowl champion is making a comeback. Don't start celebrating just yet, Seahawks fans. Lynch is reportedly in talks with the Oakland Raiders.

Now in true fashion, Lynch isn't talking to the press about his plans. He certainly doesn't run the risk of racking up any fines for trying to keep everything on the hush. His return likely doesn't have anything to do with needing money, either. Since Lynch's departure, he has invested his money in his #BeastMode brand which includes apparel and a line of candy bars. Whatever his reasons for coming out of retirement, The Bleacher Report has cited several sources confirming that his reactivation is an inevitability. 

Lynch still has two years left on his contract with Seattle, but according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport they have cleared him to visit with the Raiders to "explore their options." He also reported that the outcome of a meeting with Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio would be the deciding factor.

In his prime, Lynch gave fans some of the best highlight reels in the history of the game, but will he still be able to go into beast mode? Skeptics are concerned about whether or not being away from the game for one season has helped or hurt the superstar running back. He's had nine seasons of taking hits and running hard which took a hefty toll on his body.

On the other hand, a full year of rest could be just what the doctor ordered. Lynch will turn 31 this year and could still have three to five years left in him if he stays healthy. On his worst day, Marshawn Lynch has more talent, skill, and accomplishments than any other running back on the field right now. He could be in top form by the time the Raiders move to Las Vegas.

Only time will tell whether or not Lynch has a successful comeback. But, he is an elite athlete who has tasted victory on many an occasion. To count him out would be a huge mistake. Never ever doubt the heart of a champion.

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