Top 10 Lessons We All Can Learn From Hall of Famer Allen Iverson

Top 10 Lessons We All Can Learn From Hall of Famer Allen Iverson
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The NBA Hall of Fame inducted the 2016 class into their hallowed halls. Each player got a chance to speak on their career and who has helped them along the way. Yao Ming gave a heart-warming and humorous speech, and Shaq talked about Shaq things. But Allen Iverson stood out among the crowd, delivering a beautiful, 31-minute speech of thanks, praise, and love.

Iverson praised his wife, his coaches, his teammates, his owners, Dr. J, everyone. He shared his life lessons that stuck with us long after the speech was over. They were so motivational, we thought they'd look good as motivational memes.

Meet the AI you've always known, PRAISE IVERSON, and learn ten things from the new hall-of-famer.

Over his entire life, Iverson dealt with family struggles, personal conflicts, and villainization by the media and by his haters. But he always pushed through.

No one fought harder for Iverson than his mama, who traveled to Georgetown to beg for a spot for him on the basketball team. She's also the one who forced him to go to basketball camp. Mama knows best.

Iverson believed he was going to be a football star. Then basketball came knocking... and now he's one of the best players of all time

If Dr. J gives you advice, you listen.

Iverson repped his fans in China, vowing to return. You might not think that he'd have fans out there, but he took the time to shout them out on one of his biggest nights in his career. That's class.

In the video, you hear the Philly fans drown out everyone else. M-V-P, M-V-P, M-V-P! The love was palpable between AI and his fans.

From memory, AI listed three entire rosters of his teammates. I can't even list all my cousins without stopping to think. 

Right before his speech ends, Iverson thanked the friends he no longer considered friends. He now knows how to weed out his enemies, an important skill and life lesson.

Shoutout to Biggie and Tupac for bumping in AI's discman before big games. Get theme music to carry you through your toughest moments.

More than anything, this speech showed how much gratitude AI has in his heart. This is why we love him the most. He has struggled and come out the other side, and wants everyone to know he couldn't have done it alone.

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