Vince Carter Is Still Killing It On The Court, The NBA Hasn't Seen A 40-Year-Old Like Him

Vince Carter Is Still Killing It On The Court, The NBA Hasn't Seen A 40-Year-Old Like Him

Everyone loves to reminisce about past sports stars. NBA fans are no different. Every week among sports fans someone brings up that once emerging star, "Remember when guys were running wild on the court like Jerry Stackhouse, Steve Francis, and Vince Carter?" 

Asking someone if they "remember" Vince Carter is the equivalent of asking someone if they remember the cell phone. Both things are still very current and relevant. That's right Vince Carter still plays a key role for the Memphis Grizzlies. He may not be jumping over 7-foot players anymore like he did in the 2000 Olympic Games but he still manages to make the highlight reel as a veteran.

Check the video clip below, that man is 40-years-old. I know 25 year olds who couldn't pull that move off. To put it in perspective Vince Carter has a teammate who was born in 1996. That means that when his teammate Deyonta Davis was 4, Carter was winning a dunk contest and quickly becoming a fan favorite as a Toronto Raptor. 

In a time where Ice Cube is recruiting retired NBA players for his three on three league, Carter should be his top off season priority. When Vince Carter entered the league he quickly emerged as one of the best dunkers the NBA had ever seen. 

Although Vince Carter no longer slams harder than Onyx, (Despite what you thought in 2002) he is still a mainstay in the NBA. Just when we thought Vince would retire, like Tim Duncan and Kobe Bryant, or fade into irrelevance like Paul Pierce, or join Allen Iverson in the new Ice Cube's BIG3 league, he delivers this gem. 

In Carter's illustrious career there has been one thing that has eluded him and that is an NBA Finals appearance. He has made All Star Games and the Playoffs, he has even been crowned Dunk Contest Champion, but he still has not made it to the big dance. 

The Memphis Grizzlies will probably make a playoff appearance but an NBA finals trip is highly doubtful considering they have NBA heavyweights like the Golden State Warriors to get past. Regardless if Carter ever makes it to the NBA finals or not, he continues to ball with the best in the world after more than a decade in the league. 

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